Our Activities

    • Christmas Baskets It has been a tradition for our Council, 1170, to distribute Christmas Baskets of food to those people in our community that are in need of our help during the Christmas holidays.  The need is great and our goal this year is ambitious.  Our goal is to provide 80 baskets this holiday season.   However, we need everyone's help to do this.   Items can be donated at anytime on or before December 15 (Better sooner than later). These donations can be dropped off at the KC Clubhouse at 6:30pm on the 1st of 3rd Thursdays of the month or you can contact Perry Pazdernik (715)715-341-7052 or Rhody Przekurat at (715) 572-4105 for alternate drop off times.
    • Pancake Breakfast Help Needed Council 1170 is hosting pancake breakfasts on the last Sunday of the month beginning in the Fall. Check our Calendar for exact dates. To make them a success, we are in need of Brother Knights to help in the kitchen and dining area.  Please call John Schlice at (715) 341-6278 or e-mail kschlice@charter.net and let us know when you would like to help.
    • "One Nation Under God" Bumper Stickers Available Still available is a limited supply of Knights of Columbus BUMPER STICKERS reading "One Nation Under God " and the KC emblum for the price of $1.00 each. This money also goes to our local Charity Fund.
    • Penny per Knight per Day Fund (PKD Fund) All Knights please remember the Penny per Knight per Day fund ( PKD Fund ). This idea of each Knight saving and donating one cent per day for a total of $3.65 ( or $3.66 in 2012 ) goes to support Catholic Schools in the La Crosse Diocese.Coins may be deposited at the Club House in the PKD Fund pail or added to your dues payment check (please attach a note to indicate this. Catholic Knights supporting Catholic Education for only one cent per day.
    • Attend Rosary at Wakes You are invited to recite the rosary at wakes of deceased members Watch the newspaper for announcements.  This is greatly appreciated by the families of the deceased and your family will greatly appreciate it when it is your turn.
    • Looking for Cooks Members that always wanted to try cooking for a group - and would like to run a function (but were afraid to ask) Contact John Schlice if you are interested.  They can help you set you up and even give you menu ideas.  They have established food vendor accounts and you do not have to incur any upfront costs to put on the event.  Click here for contact information.
    • Helping out Working at a Function If you would like to help out working at a function - either the kitchen or bar send your name and phone number to info@kccouncil1170.org. It is fun to help out and once you start it is like potato chips - you can't stop at one (event).
  • Club House Cleaning - First Wednesday of each month, 10am and 5pm. All are welcome to help.