What We Do

A Sample List of Activities and Charitable Efforts of Members

  • Visit our Photo Gallery (Click Photo Gallery tab to the left) to see our Council in Action
  • From the “Charities Fund”, or our “Tootsie Roll Drive”, or our “General Support Efforts”
  • Donate to fire victims in the County
  • Collect funds to assist local Catholic schools
  • Provide seminarian support
  • Operation Bootstrap Christmas Food Baskets
  • Child Cancer/Birth Defect support
  • American Wheel Chair Mission
  • Coats for Kids project
  • Local Parish and Clergy support
  • Camp Heartland HIV Kids support
  • ROCC Point Support Group
  • Christmas Poster Contest (Catholic Schools)
  • Helping those in need
  • Provide funds for the mentally challenged
  • Provide scholarship awards, i.e. Pacelli
  • Special Olympics support/volunteering
  • Destiny Point Shelter
  • Diocesan special project support
  • Local family crisis support
  • Honor Flight and other Veteran’s Projects
  • Local boys and girls baseball/softball support
  • The Hannah Center support
  • Host Children’s Christmas Party
And, for our Members
  • Summer Family Picnic (free meal, beverages)
  • Statewide Bowling Tournament
  • Hall rental available for family use
  • Special “Clergy Night Dinner”
  • Golf outing
  • Monthly socials and meals (open to public)
  • Memorial Mass
  • Support and recognition for wake/funeral
And the bonus of belonging to an organization that fosters – Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. We do, and welcome your interest to bolster these core values!

How Active Do Our Members Have to Be?

Actually it is more like – How active do you “want” to be!? Members are not expected or required to engage at any certain level. You get out of it, what you put into it. If the list above has merit and value to you, you would soon learn what activity level or comfort zone is right for you!

Please consider joining us.